about us

House of Children and Arts

House of Children and Arts is a modern cultural centre for developing creativity and sensibility in children and youth. We are conducting activities in the field of arts and cultural education since the foundation in 2001. In the House of Children and Arts children have the oportunity to socialize with domestic and internationally renowned puppeteers who constantly develop their work in dialogue with children and thus check it. As researchers of art and relations, we are constantly developing new ways of theatre communication. In addition to the already known forms of family theatre and art laboratories, visitors can attend a special form of theatre exhibitions-performances that combine interactive experiential theatre and art instalation in which visitors become both actors and researchers. The programs pursue both contemporary theatre forms and modern educational approaches. We follow all the main principles of theatre pedagogy, including the elements of experiential pedagogy.

It is through these projects that the House of Children and Arts is becoming more and more recognized and appreciated. The performances have excellent responses in the audience, with professionals in kindergartens and schools as highly professionally and artistically prepared noble examples in the field of arts and cultural education and in the theatre profession, which places new forms of experiential theatre in the House of Children an Arts in the center of interest of contemporary puppet theatre and art.

House of Children and Arts is also a recognized cultural center in the field of arts and cultural education. We conduct workshops for children and young people, seminars for educators, teachers and other professionals, professional consultations and lectures and educational programs for adults.