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Arts and Cultural Education

In the House of Children and Arts we conduct arts and cultural education since the founding in 2001. We were the pioneers in this field as arts and cultural education has been our most important activity since the beginning. We were the first cultural centre for children in Ljubljana who has enriched performances and workshops with discussions and seminars and who continuously educates new generations, not only of visitors but also of artists. The programs pursue both contemporary theatrical forms and modern educational approaches. We follow all the main principles of theatre pedagogy and include the elements of experiential pedagogy.

Emphasis is placed on the programmatic sets of the performing arts, which are designed as an Experiential Maze of Art, which is already more than a theatre performance. It is a show that allows visitors to become part of it in an unobtrusive, interactive way. They are never passive spectators. Each of our shows includes a final evaluation together with the visitors, as well as creative workshops, so our events do not end with a final bow and fall of the curtain.

For kindergartens and schools

AEIOU music workshop

Dance of the Drops

Flying Suitcase

Kamishibai Theatre Seminar
for professionals in education

Puppet Theatre Seminar 
for professionals in education

House Puppet Academy
for young people under 30

We partnered with four partner theatres in the Art – Way of Life project – House of Children and Arts, FRU-FRU Puppets, ŠILA and the Ana Monro Theater. The project established a continuous educational path in the field of performing arts.

Even at a time when we are all home because of the virus, the House does not rest. We are preparing a series of  Puppet Workshops where you can learn how to make puppets from everyday objects.