kamishibai seminar

Kamishibai Theater Seminar

FOR: Educators, teachers, tutors of puppet or theatre clubs

WHEN: Seminar is postponed, new date TBA

WHO: Hiša otrok in umetnosti in JSKD RS

PRICE:  120,00 € 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Seminar is postponed, new date TBA!

Kamishibai, a seemingly simple form in and around a small box, is a specific art that contains different artistic genres: literary, visual, theatrical, cinematic… It is also close to cartoon and comic books. All that Kamishibai contains, but is none of it.

The Kamishibai Theater Workshop provides participants with the basic knowledge that will allow them to develop their own approach to this art form as creators, or to use it in their pedagogical work. The workshop is a combination of theory and practice. It contains lectures, demonstration performances, demonstration of different types of kamishibai and practical work of the participants, in which they get to know all the stages of creation in the creative process and come to perform their own kamishibai performances. The workshop concludes with the production of newly created Kamishibai performances, which are played by the participants, followed by a comprehensive analysis of their performances. At the workshop, the knowledge gained and the participants’ own products are the beginning of their kamishibai repertoire, and at the same time the knowledge with which they will be able to independently create or use kamishibai in their work.

The workshop will be a combination of individual work, practical work and lectures.

The scope of education is 22 hours. At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate of professional education. In accordance with the 16th or 19th Article of the Rules on the promotion of employees in education to titles shall be assessed education by 1 point.

Seminar is postponed, new date TBA!

120,00 EUR 


Jan Pirnat, JSKD RS
Tel: +386 1 2410 528, E-mail: jan.pirnat@jskd.si
Irena Rajh, Hiša otrok in umetnosti
Tel: +386 41 663 904, irena@hisaotrok.si

izr. prof. Jelena Sitar Cvetko, univ. dipl. dramaturg
mag. Igor Cvetko, 
Jerca Cvetko,
Jure Engelsberger, univ. dipl. designer