experiential maze

Experiential Maze of Art

Experiential Maze of Art is a new program of arts and cultural education. The program, which is primarily intended for the youngest, is designed as a complete experiential artistic experience. Children and adult visitors will learn about art in an exciting journey through the interior of an old villa, discovering hidden corners that offer creative tasks, opportunities for creative play, exploration, discovery and testing. You will discover the secrets of fine arts, theater, puppets, literature, ethnography, architecture, comics, film, music …

Kindergartens are welcome to visit, schoolchildren can expect an interesting cultural day with us and families a creative afternoon. Visiting the Experiential Maze of Art is also a unique form of sensory theater, didactic art playground, polygon of various arts, interactive installation, a playground and a classroom.


Peek! is an interactive theatrical installation, within which the stories of small animated worlds take place. We enter the mysterious garden, where the viewer can sometimes just with presence, and other times with active intervention trigger the action and story.


An experiential theatre that combines modern dance and puppetry elements takes us on a journey of a chewing gum - from a sweet delight to dangerous trash.

From Droplets to the Ocean

The interactive show combines art with science. The youngest learn about the water circle through the elements of modern dance and dance along with the drops since the show encourages them to move creatively through play.

Heart and Belly Button

An experiential theatre that combines an exhibition and a learning path will reveal the mysterious and entertaining world of the organs and their functions. Join the doctors Dr. Scrab and Dr. Skin on a journey inside the human body.

Behind the Five Mountains

An experiential adventure show will take us on an exciting journey and discovery of the hidden corners of the world. In this experiential show we focus on different cultures in different ecoregions which generate different stories and open up the world of intercultural dialogues.