o: 4+ (: 40’

Finding people who are aware of the environmental footprint of chewing gum can probably be counted on the fingers of one or at most two hands. Most of us think, what can I do wrong if I throw this little chewy thing on the ground. The experiential dance-puppet show Chewgumitwist informs the youngest about the multifaceted ecological issues, not only of large, but also of small, almost invisible micro particles. The show is a combination of chewing gum  and gumitwist (Chinese jump rope), a game with an elastic cord that, with its unique combination, forms a dance story about the journey of chewing gum from pleasure, taste and excitement to loss of taste, boredom and waste. Together with chewing gum, the youngest will participate in various chewing stories, their adventures, adventures, grouping, gluing, changing colors, cleaning, through the elements of modern dance. Trough story they will aslo learn about the impact that our actions have on ourselves.

Premiere: February 14, 2020

Author concept, choreography and directed by: Ajda Tomazin
Dancers-performers: Tini Rozman, Nina Pertot Weis
Music by: Iztok Drabik Jug
Dramaturgy and light design by: Anže Virant
Costumography and Gallery of Chewed Chewingums by: Iztok Hrga
Set designed and manufactered by: Ajda Tomazin
Adaptation counseling by: Christopher Weickenmeier
Production: Hiša otrok in umetnosti
Coproduction: Odprti predali