city of stories

o: 5+ (: 60’

The interactive puppet show The City of Stories is a continuation of the Fairytales Above the City project. We move from the street to the theatre hall where we create an interactive puppet show. Puppets, actors and spectators, this time closed between four walls, create a new world. In Fairytales Above the City we place fairytales in real locations but in City of Stories we create a city in the theatre. The show is about a sophisticated talk of the modern puppet theatre, sensitization and communication. All in the way of a game without which there is no childhood and no art.

In this interactive puppet show we get to know three stories of the city happening all around us – among the clouds, in the parks, in the streets and even in the sewers.

The show is suitable for children from 5 years of age and lasts 60 minutes.

Premiere: 26. December 2017

Idea and directed by: Jelena Sitar and Irena Rajh
Art design and scenography by: Anja Gruden and Petra Petan
Music by: Marko Boh
Performed by: Irena Rajh and Anže Virant
Production: House of Children and Arts