emona path

o: 5+ (: 75’

Our journey 2000 years to the past along the paths of old Emona begins on Emonska Street in Trnovo. With the music of the Muse Euperepte and the directions of Klio, the Muse of History, we become Roman followers and seek to solve the mystery of the ancient Roman legend. We discover old clues and records on parchment rolls, explore the inscriptions on mosaic panels and on our way to the Emona House in Mirje meet with the people of Emona by the Roman Wall to find answers and the right way. In the Emona House where the journey ends we have fun watching a theatre show Gemini by the Roman playwright Plautus.

The program is suitable for children from 5 years of age and lasts 75 minutes.

Premiere: August 2014

Idea and screenplay by: Irena Rajh
Directed by: Tom Greder
Dramaturgy by: Anže Virant
Costumography by: Iztok Hrga
Performed by: Marjan Kunaver, Tines Špik, Ana Špik, Voranc Boh, Anže Virant, Jur Kunaver, Nataša Keser, Ana Potočnik, Ana Lekše, Tjaša Jamnikar, Barbara Žvar Baškovič, Urban Žvar Baškovič and Primož Zupan
Live music by: Urška Cvetko and Marjan Kunaver
Production: House of Children and Arts in collaboration with City Museum of Ljubljana
The project is supported by The City of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Tourism and Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities.