from droplets to the ocean

o: 3+ (: 45’

There are many little droplets in the cloud. In the distance we see two drops, Žibi and Tabi, floating in the air. Soon they join others in the cloud, which becomes too tight for everyone, we hear the thunder and Žibi and Tabi drop out from the cloud. They land on earth where everything is different than in the sky. They set off to an exciting droplet path. With them they invite other droplets from the cloud. As more of them join, they become a stream, they chase themselves between pebbles and create swirls. The steam grows into a river which flows into the ocean. There are even more drops here than in the cloud! They are so beautifully warmed by the sun during play that they become easier again and start to evaporate back towards the sky. So their journey can begin again.

The interactive show combines art with science. Kids get to know the water circle through the elements of contemporary dance and dance along with the drops as the show encourages them to move creatively through play.

The show is suitable for children from 3 years of age and lasts 45 minutes.

Premiere: October 6, 2018

Responses and Awards

Concept by: Ajda Tomazin, Tini Rozman and Mojca Špik
Choreography, directed visual design by: Ajda Tomazin
Co-creation: Tini Rozman and Mojca Špik
Performed by:
Tini Rozman and Mojca Špik alt. Katarina Barbara Kavčič Popič / Ajda Tomazin
Music by: Ana Kravanja and duo Najoua
Set and costume design by: Iztok Hrga
Dramaturgy and light design by: Anže Virant
Production of scenic elements by: Marina Hrovatin
Project proposal by: Irena Rajh and Tadeja Pungerčar
Production: House of Children and Arts
Coproduction: Odprti predali

Responses and Awards:

The performance is placed in the database of quality reference shows for children Zlata Paličica