house theatre

House Theatre

The auditorium at the House of Children and Art, a child-friendly and intimate space where the lights never turn off and the puppets are so close that they can almost be touched, offers first contact with theater and art.

The performances are intimate, the audience actively participates in them, and many times after the performance the theater hall becomes a creative workshop where puppets are created there.

The repertoire includes performances for the youngest who were created in our production and co-production in the last six seasons, performances of our house theatres FRU-FRU, Zapik and AEIOU theatre for infants and toddlers and we also host quality performers from all over Slovenia.

Puppet shows co-produced by the House of Children and Arts and partner theatres.

Once a month, we host the Kamishibai Theatre, a traditional Japanese form of storytelling.

HELL – Hišin Eksperimentalni Lutkovni Laboratorij – Hiša’s Experimental Puppet Lab

If you want to give your child a different, art birthday celebration, then celebrate with us.

It is possible to organize a birthday party for a group of up to 20 children. We offer three different programs.

Cheer up the kids in your workplace with a puppet show and visit with dedek Mraz (Grandpa Frost), Santa Claus or Miklavž (St. Nicholas) with an entourage.