kamishibai theatre

Kamishibai Theatre

You can read more about Kamishibai Theatre on Kamishibai Slovenia webpage

Storytelling with images is familiar to all cultures. Step into the first church and see the paintings in it, or at least the way of the cross. In Japan, Buddhist monks used to tell holy stories alongside pictures on scrolls. And here are the roots of kamishibai. It is a Japanese art form of storytelling with pictures in a small wooden stage.

At the time of its greatest boom, in the 1930s, there were 3000 kamishibai performers in Tokyo, and the form has been extremely popular for two decades. Its downfall was triggered by the appearance of television, which the Japanese have called denki (electric) kamishibai. Today, this fascinating art form is gaining ground and has spread across the globe.

The House of Children and Art once a month hosts performances of Kamishibay theaters, presented by Kamishibai storytellers from all over Slovenia. Every year, the Dragon Kamishibai Festival takes place here, where you can see the best kamishibai from Slovenia and abroad.