when i die i’m happy

When I Die, I'm Happy

o: 12+ (: 45'

August lives his life to the fullest. He sleeps everywhere but at home, meets hundreds of new people every day, and regardless of his actions, everyone accepts him and does not get tired of him.

One day, he falls in love with a stranger and, convinced of his charm, tries to distract her from her husband. Although the stranger returns her love, she does not abandon her devoted husband. August feels rejection for the first time in his life.

He begins to exploit his charm, humiliate his friends, exploit them and destroys their lives. Still, he is still irresistibly attractive, coming to him like a fly on honey. But nothing brings him satisfaction. The more he takes from other people, the more empty he is. He decides on the ultimate solution – suicide. His lips are already on the edge of the glass, filled with poison, when his godfather, which he has not seen since childhood, enters, rips a glass from his hands, drinks it and says, “I am guilty of your misery. Your mother expressed a wish at baptism and I fulfilled it, even if the wish was crazy.” He offers salvation to Augustus, and he accepts it …

Premiere: September 19, 2019

Text: Based on a stroy Augustus by HERMAN HESSE • Dramaturgy by: ANŽE VIRANT • Scenography by: KATARINA MAJCEN • Mentor: doc. mag. MARTINA MAURIČ LAZAR • Performed by: VORANC BOH • Production: Hiša otrok in umetnosti in AGRFT