augustus no longer understands this world

Augustus no Longer Understands This World

o: 12+ (: 55'

The story of Augustus, written by the French poet and writer Pierre Soletti, is a monologue with a subtle sense for life that lies beneath our skin, or, to be more precise, in the skin itself. A life that holds us upright.

The story is subtly interpreted in French as Old August by Pascal Thétard. In the Slovenian version, the young actor Matic Lukšič addressed the text with sophistication and courage.

The text, translated from French into Slovenian by the poet and translator Tone Škrjanec (winner of the Veronica Prize 2018), captures you with its universal theme that unobtrusively addresses all generations and lightly gives the wisdom of those who go through life closest to the simple truth that is “to live today.”

Text by: PIERRE SOLETTI • Translation by: TONE ŠKRJANEC •  Music by: PATRICE SOLETTI • Directed by: MATEJA BIZJAK PETIT • Assistent director: JIMMY LEMOS • Performed by: MATIC LUKŠIČ • Production: Collectif Ma-Théa, Centre de Créations pour l’Enfance and Hiša otrok in umetnosti • Patrners: Francoski Inštitut Ljubljana, Književno društvo Hiša poezije, Literarno društvo Mi smo tu / Nous voilà