house of blocks

House of blocks

o: 3+ (: 30'

There are two sisters in the room. The older one practices the violin, and the younger one, Jelka, constantly disturbs her with the desire to play together. And when Jelka builds her house out of blocks, the older sister accepts her game and together they set off into a wonderful fairytale world, where a cat, a chicken and a chimney sweep live on the walls of the house. However, when the neighbor’s dog, which was torn from the chain in the storm, knocks down the house, Jelka sets off on a long journey in search of someone who will sew a chimney sweep’s button on her dress. After all, the button brings luck and without luck the house cannot be put back.

The play House of Blocks is based on the fairy tale of the same name by Ela Peroci. Although almost without words, the play draws inspiration from the symbols and thoughts that Ela Peroci wrote almost seventy years ago. The story of friendship, misfortune and the help of friends and strangers is especially relevant today. The intertwining of live music, movement and modern puppetry techniques create an intimate theatrical experience.

Premiere: December 10, 2021

Based on the story by: Ela Peroci
Directed by: Irena Rajh
Dramaturgy by: Anže Virant
Art design and scenography by: Špela Trobec
Music by: Samo Vovk and Barbara Grahor Vovk
Puppet technology and manufactured by: Marjan Kunaver, Aleksander Andželović and Dmitry Ainutdinov
Costumography by: Iztok Hrga
Video animation by: Miha Šubic
Scenography manufactured by: Gorazd Rajh
Scenography and puppets painted by: Marina Hrovatin
Live music and performed by: Tamara Pepelnik
Performed by: Barbara Kanc
Production: House of Children and Arts