not a dot

This Is Not a Dot!

o: 2+ (: 35'

A boy and a girl are playing with the letters and they try to spell their name. But when they accidentally spell out the word POK (BANG), all their letters get scattered. Soon they find something round – is that a tire, maybe a ball or a soap bubble? No, it’s O, the letter O. They recognize that letters are all around us, every object can be a letter and every letter can be an object. While playing with objects, they discover new letters and travel with them through the land of letters, where each lives on its own – T’s are a factory, E’s a note line, D’s a family tree …

The new puppet show for the youngest features the main characters – the letters. Letters that carry their sounds and create humorous episodic stories with them. This is not a strictly didactic show that teaches children to read or write. The play is unobtrusively shows to the youngest the relationship between the letter-symbol and the meaning-sound that it carries, while taking us to the fun world of puppets.

Responses and awards

Concept and directed by : Katja Povše
Dramaturgy by: Anže Virant
Art and set design by: Špela Trobec
Music by: Nino De Gleria
Set manufactured by: Luis Rapela In Špela Trobec
Costumography by: Iztok Hrga 
Performed by: Ana Špik In Anže Virant
 Assistance with set manifacture by: Gorazd Rajh
Production:  Hiša Otrok In Umetnosti and Lutkovno Gledališče Fru-Fru
Premiere: 31. Maj 2019

Responses and awards

The performance is placed in the database of quality reference shows for children Zlata Paličica