in the land of finger puppets

o: 3+ (: 60’

In the Land of Finger Puppets

We enter the Land of Finger Puppets because of little goose Liza, a finger puppet who is lost and can not find her home. The children first search for her home in folk songs at different venues, between the shadows of the fingers in different images and behind the curtain of the Big Little Finger Theatre. Fingers explore, caress, tickle, play old finger games and perform fairytales: about a Hedgehog and a Fox, Little Red Riding Hood, Mojca Pokrajculja, about a Prince and a Princess … Fingers-puppets in every way surround the kids in finding Liza’s place under the sun, until they all stand togetherh before the fairytale carousel …

Thirty years of professional, scientific and artistic work in the field of finger games and puppets is combined with the seriousness and joy of playing in a highly artistic form.

The show is suitable for children from 3 years of age and lasts 60 minutes.

Premiere: 18. October 2014

Responses and Awards

Idea and directed by: Jelena Sitar
Set design by: Igor Cvetko
Set production by: Marjan Kunaver and Igor Cvetko
Perfomed by: Ana Špik and Anže Virant
Production: House of Children and Arts and Zapik Puppet Theatre

Responses and Awards:

  • Special prize of the jury for the design and realization of artistic, educational and interactive performances at the 49th PIF Festival Zagreb 2016
  • The performance was included in the competition program of the Puppet Creators Biennial, Maribor 2015
  • The performance was included in the program of the Summer Puppet Harbor Festival, Maribor 2015
  • The performance was included in the program of the Bobri Festival, Ljubljana 2016
  • The show was on a one-month tour in France