old house no. 3

o: 4+ (: 60'

Old House no. 3

We invite you to an unusual adventure! Have you ever closed yourself in an old closet and got into a fairytale on the other side? If you follow the footsteps of the white kitten’s paws, you may give new life into the lonely Old House no. 3, set up A Cube House in its garden and then head to a park where magic hats grow. You may also be helping find the lost girl Pika and her puppy. We invite you to take a walk through the streets of Ljubljana and observe the tiny lights of the city before Aunt Bajavaja can put on magic glasses …

Old House No. 3 is at the same time a show, an exhibition and a learning path. It invites the participants to play together and travel to the world of art. As they will discover the fairytale world of Ela Peroci, children will enter the worlds, roles and positions offered by the texts of our beloved writer. Each fairytale was artfully designed by a different set designer so that the fairytale gameplay-learning path is visually diverse. Stories are meaningfully linked into an imaginative journey driven by curiosity and imagination.

The show is suitable for children from 4 years of age and lasts 60 minutes.

Premiere: Oktober 2017

Idea and directed by: Irena Rajh
Screenplay by: Jelena Sitar
Art design by: Igor Cvetko, Vesna Gabaj, Anja Gruden, Iztok Hrga, Ivana Petan and Petra Petan
Set technology by: Marjan Kunaver and Nataša Hrovat
Performed by: Anže Virant, Ana Špik and Ana Lekše
Production: House of Children and Arts
Project is supported by The City of Ljubljana.