pearls between the covers

o: 4+ (: 60’

Each book has its own story and history, it’s a living being. There are books we met somewhere along the way and they stayed with us. The books from our childhood are the ones that stay with us the longest. Children’s books are usually full of interesting words and pictures so we searched for those stories that left a large mark on us during our childhood and we want to present them to today’s children as special valuables.

Pearls Between the Covers is an interactive show with a book as a theme. Our experiential maze this time turns into an antique shop and an antiquarian leads us through it. The books on the shelves are not only intended for scrolling and reading, but they also come to life on the stages of Kamishibai Theatre. The tales the children learn on their journey through the maze of old stories are eventually presented on shelves, where they can also be picked up. The purpose of the project is to bring a book, its scent and physical appearance to a child growing up in the digital world, a book – as a medium that feeds and animates the story.

The show is suitable for children from 4 years of age and lasts 60 minutes.

Premiere: 11. June 2016

Idea by: Jelena Sitar, Igor Cvetko and Rok Glavan 
Directed by: Jelena Sitar and Rok Glavan
Performed by: Rok Glavan, Igor Cvetko / Urška Cvetko, Jerca Cvetko / Jelena Sitar, Irena Rajh and Anže Virant
Set implementation: Marjan Kunaver
Selection and preparation of material: mag. Katarina Batagelj
Production: House of Children and Arts, Zapik Puppet Theatre and Glavan Antiques
Special thanks to Antique Carniola 1989.