o: 6+ (: 30’

Peek! is an interactive theatrical installation, within which the stories of small animated worlds take place. We enter the mysterious garden, where the viewer can sometimes just with presence, and other times with active intervention trigger the action or a tiny change that unfolds in him a vast abstract world. It is an intimate experiential mosaic of various atmospheres, transformations that each individual can weave into their experience process. Will a glowing thread and golden egg help us find a safe way home? Maybe a chimney sweep button can bring us luck, but only if we find someone to sew it on our dress.

Responses and awards

Conceived and directed by: Irena Rajh
Idea by: Irena Rajh, Iztok Hrga in Tjaša Frumen
Visual design and house equipment: Luis Rapela in Špela Trobec
Dramaturgy: Anže Virant
Technology and mechatronics: Iztok Hrga, Dmitry Ainutdinov, Tjaša Frumen in Anže Virant
Video animation: Miha Šubic
Production of stage elements: Blaž Poljanšek, Uroš Mehle s.p. in Marina Hrovatin
Production: Hiša otrok in umetnosti
Special thanks to  Mali TehnoVed

Responses and awards:

  • The show was part of the Festival Lutke, Ljubljana 2020