the land of the rising sun

o: 4+ (: 45’

In faraway Japan, stories were told in a very special way. The wooden doors of the small stage opened and drew the spectators into the fairy tale. Here, too, the door opens and only the bravest dare to enter. Behind the first door, there is another and another … Some suddenly appear from somewhere, other you discover when you turn the corner … And behind  every door is a fairy tale. Doors are of all sizes, colors and shapes and also fairy tales are of all kinds:  funny and so miraculous,  kind and scary. And for everyone, the path through the fairytale land of kamishibai will be different. Kamishibai – The Secret of the Land of the Rising Sun is a new show, made with the cooperation of the best Slovenian creators of kamišibaj, created within the Experiential Labyrinth of Art, in which visitors are not only spectators but teammates. Through the game, they get to know new, unknown worlds and where do we find them, if not in fairy tales?

Premiere: 2015

Produced by: Hiša otrok in umetnosti and Gledališče Zapik