Every year in May as part of the Amateur Culture Week we organize the Dragon Kamishibai Festival where you can watch the best performances from Ljubljana for free.

However, when the House of Children and Arts closes its doors in the summer, you can socialize with us at the many festivals in our production. You can listen to quality music for children at PicniConcert Festival, you can get to know Ljubljana from a different perspective at Fairytales above the city – under the bridge – in front of the wall Festival and for nineteen years in a row you can have fun with us at the Emona Promenade Festival.

The program of the Dragon Kamishibai Festival from year 2013 offers the latest production of the kamishibai makers from Ljubljana. It’s speciality is a large number of premieres.

The festival takes place every year in May at the House of Children and Art.

PicniConcert is a family meeting with good music, food and drinks. It’s a different form of spending free time together, since it enables quality cultural experience that is intertwined with relaxed socializing and ecological awareness.

In the summer months we invite you to retreat from the summer heat, relax under the pine trees in park Tivoli near Tivoli promenade and enjoy a snack while listening to ethno and folk concerts. You can get to know great music from all over the world, traditional instruments and different singing techniques. You can bring full picnic baskets, blankets and your own instruments ass well if you are a musical enthusiast since the stage is open to everyone after the concerts. From 2018 you can also join us at two PicniConcerts per year at Ljubljana Castle under the castle bridge.

Fairytales performed with Kamishibai theatre from year 2017 provide a pleasant transition from holidays to a new school year. By moving to different venues, we get to know Ljubljana from different perspectives. In 2017 we celebrated architect Plečnik and climbed above the city of Ljubljana. In 2018 we got closer to the water and visited bridges of Ljubljanica river with fairytales on small wooden stages. In 2019 we took our stories in front of important walls of Ljubljana, and this year we will listen to fairytales in different courtyards.


Emona Promenade Festival is an annual international street festival which takes place from year 2000 and has become well established in Slovenia and internationally in the last nineteen years. It is one of the most recognizable international festivals for children and families in the city of Ljubljana which attracts more visitors each year with its concept of socializing and creating on the street. In the last few years more than 800 visitors attend the programme each day with a total of nearly 3000 street art lovers.

The festival took place every year on Karunova Street and in the courtyard of KUD France Prešeren but in 2019 you were able to catch us at Novi trg in Ljubljana. The festival takes place in the center of Ljubljana in the last week of August.