Archive of Performances

In the nineteen years of creation for children, we have staged many performances at the House. Unfortunately, some of them are no longer played or are played only occasionally at the special request of the client. Below you can see all the performances from our history.

Old House no. 3

We invite you to an unusual adventure! Old house no. 3 is an interactive theatrical tour of the fairytale world of Ela Peroci. Have you ever closed yourself in an old closet and got into a fairytale on the other side? Follow the footsteps of the white cat's paws.

In the Land of Finger Puppets

We enter the Land of Finger Puppets because of little goose Liza, a finger puppet who is lost and can not find her home. The children search for her home in folk songs, between the shadows of the fingers and behind the curtain of the Big Little Finger Theatre.

Pearls Between the Covers

Pearls Between the Covers is an interactive show with a book as a theme. The purpose of the project is to bring a book, its scent and physical appearance to a child growing up in the digital world, a book - as a medium that feeds and animates the story.

Emona Path

Our journey 2000 years to the past along the paths of old Emona begins on Emonska Street in Trnovo. We discover old clues and records on parchment rolls while meeting the people of Emona.

The City of Stories

Puppets, actors and spectators, this time closed between four walls, create a new world. The show is about a sophisticated talk of the modern puppet theatre, sensitization and communication. All in the way of a game without which there is no childhood and no art.

The Sound World of Prehistory

As we travel to the world of antiquity, we encounter the story of the Iroquois tribe, which has become the content and artistic framework of our theatrical-musical journey.

Circus Printi Pravi

Circus Printi Real is a real circus. It is a play area where children and a clown play together. Now they are all spectators, now clowns, now jugglers, now strongmen, now cyclists. Cyclists? Why not?

Prešeren Path

With the help of Detective Loot, the participants, as detective assistants, embark on the path of solving the detective case: "Is Prešeren really still alive?" Come with a pencil behind your ear!

The Secret of the Land of the Rising Sun

In faraway Japan, stories were told in a very special way. The wooden doors of the small stage opened and drew the spectators into the fairy tale. Here, too, the door opens and only the bravest dare to enter. Behind the first door there is another and another…

Head to Head

Come to the exebition and experience the show! The statues of the French-Canadian artist Natalie Fortier will come to life in front of us in a game of heads and bodies that are constantly changing and uniting

The Game of Sculptures

“The Game of Sculptures is a game with shapes, to change, to discover, to spread … So come and play with us!” The idea for the exhibition was inspired by the picture book by Hervé Tullet.